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Personal Injury

Personal Injury - Midtown Tulsa Personal Injury Attorneys Law Office

Midtown Tulsa Injury Attorneys Law Office

At Midtown Personal Injury Law Firm, we represent Oklahoman’s who have been injured in personal injury accidents due to the negligent actions of others. Our personal injury attorneys help our clients receive the compensation they deserve. Further, we value our clients and work hard to establish and advance the facts and circumstances of their case.

Oklahoma Personal Injury Law Overview:

In order to file a personal injury claim under Oklahoma State law, you must prove that the defendant performed some type of negligent act (tort) that caused you bodily injury. We provide personal injury legal representation for the following types of tort claims:

  1. Car Accidents

  2. Motorcycle Accidents

  3. Slip-and-Fall (Premise Liability)

  4. Workers’ Compensation

  5. Products Liability

  6. Dog Bite Injury

  7. Wrongful Death

  8. Medical Malpractice

  9. Nursing Home Abuse

Personal Injury Damages in Oklahoma:

Our law office will assert every viable legal claim possible to help you recover damages for your injury. The value of your claim will depend upon the type of bodily and/or property damage you incurred as a result of the negligent actions caused by the defendant.

Under common law, damages are categorized into compensatory damages and punitive damages. Compensatory damages may be awarded to you to put you in a position in which you would have been in had the bodily injury not occurred. There are four basic types of compensatory damages awards in personal injury lawsuits:

  1. Medical Expenses

  2. Pain & Suffering

  3. Loss of Earnings & Future Loss of Earnings

  4. Emotional Distress

Similarly, punitive damages are possible if the defendant’s negligent action was reckless, malicious, or intentional. Such damages intend to punish the defendant in order to prevent similar conduct from occurring in the future.

In the event a jury deems the defendant’s action reckless, the amount of punitive damages awarded cannot exceed either $100,000 or the amount of the compensatory damages award.

As a result, if the jury finds that the defendant acted with malice in intentionally causing harm to you, the amount of punitive damages awarded cannot exceed the greater of $500,000, twice the amount of the compensatory damages awarded, or the increased financial benefit derived by the defendant or insurer as a direct result of the conduct that caused your injury.

Modified Comparative Negligence:

Oklahoma has adopted the doctrine of modified comparative negligence. Thus under this doctrine of law, a portion of your damages may be reduced by the amount of your comparative negligence.

For example, you will recover damages only if you are less than 50% at fault for your medical malpractice injury. Meaning if you are more than 50% at fault for your injury, it bars you from recovery.  Your reward amount is directly proportional to your level of fault.

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