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Tulsa Workers Compensation Claims Attorney

Tulsa Workers Compensation Claims Attorney
March 2, 2014 kania

Our Tulsa Workers Compensation Claims attorneys can help you if you’re injured. If you suffer a work related injury, The Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission handles your claims. Under state law all work injury cases are Tulsa Workers Compensation Claims handled in this court. Hence, in Tulsa workers compensation claims your case is never heard in District Court.  Title 85 of Oklahoma Statutes provide for medical, treatment and rehabilitation benefits to injured workers.  If you suffered an injury at work contact a workers comp injury attorney. 

You should notify your employer immediately after any work-related injury. The law gives you 30 days from the date of accident to report the injury to your employer. After a diagnoses of a cumulative trauma injury, you must report the injury within 90 days of leaving the job. Failure to report your injury in a timely manner, can bar the filing of a claim.

Your employer must provide you with medical treatment upon receiving notice of your injury. Furthermore, the treatment must be “reasonable and necessary.” Your employer is responsible for all medical costs associated with your injury. If you are unable to work as a result of the injury you will get temporary payments. The temporary disability payments continue for a certain amount of time that depends on the injury type.

  1. Medical Treatment

  2. Temporary Disability Benefits

  3. Permanent Partial Impairment Disability Benefits

  4. Permanent Total Impairment Disability Benefits

  5. Compensation for Loss of Earnings & Future Loss of Earnings

  6. Spousal & Dependent Death Benefits

 Oklahoma Workers Compensation Disability Types:

Depending on the nature of your work-related injury, you receive one of two disability types:

  1. Permanent Partial Impairment (PPD).  This disability type occurs when a work-related injury is permanent, but does not result in total disability. If a physician determines that you are PPD, then you will be able to return to work at some specified future date. The payment you will receive depends on an established schedule (example – benefits chart) based on your injury date.

  2. Permanent Total Disability (PTD) This disability type occurs when a work-related injury results in permanent and total disability. If eligible, you will receive this benefit until you reach the age of maximum social security retirement benefits or for a period of 15 years, whichever is longer. The payment you receive will be equivalent to 70% of your average weekly wages, up to the maximum set by law.

In the event that your loved one passes away due to a work-related injury, or illness, your family will receive workers’ compensation benefits. Consequently, this entitles a surviving spouse and each dependent child a lump sum benefit payment. In addition, the spouse and other dependents may receive weekly benefits based upon the wages earned by the employee at the time of death, and may receive funeral costs.

Tulsa Workers’ Compensation Claims Process:

The Tulsa workers compensation claims process begins by filing the original paperwork. This consists of a form 3 and gives notice to of your injury to your employer. When we meet with you to fill out this form we also include additional paperwork. This consists of medical release forms and form a. As a result, both forms will allow us to push the case forward on your behalf. Depending on your injury type we may also send you to see one of our doctors for a medical report and treatment.

If the insurance company denies the claim or acts to slowly we will file a form 9. This sets the case in front of a Work injury judge. The judge will listen to our arguments and afterward will decide the issue. It is in your best interest to retain legal representation when filing your workers’ compensation claim. Hiring an experienced attorney to advocate on your behalf can help you obtain the settlement you deserve.

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