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Tulsa Attorneys Discuss Oklahoma Nursing Home Abuse

Tulsa Attorneys Discuss Oklahoma Nursing Home Abuse
October 7, 2016 Sheona Kerr

Oklahoma Nursing Home AbuseIn 2012, Oklahoma nursing home abuse became a spotlight issue in the state..  The daughters of an elderly Oklahoma City woman put a hidden camera in her room to catch suspected robberies.  However, they caught much more.  The camera caught workers gagging their mother with latex gloves, yanking her from her wheelchair, and abusing her in other manners too.  Because of dementia, their mother could not recall of express the abuse and taunting.  After taking legal action against the nursing home and care takers, 2 year prison sentences were given to the offenders.

Suspecting Nursing Home Abuse:

Unfortunately, an estimated 24,000 or more suspected abuse cases like this occur in Oklahoma annually.  If you suspect your loved one is not receiving proper care and dignity in a nursing home you should follow a series of steps:

– First, you should speak with the person in charge of the nursing staff.

– Second, look at all the medical records and take careful notes.  Any bed sores or other incidents need to be in this log.  The records should also include detailed treatment received for any of these medical issues or incidents.

– Finally, if you do not feel the records are adequate, or have satisfaction your loved one is receiving proper care, speak with an attorney.

Oklahoma Penalties for Oklahoma Nursing Home Abuse:

Under the Nursing Home Care Act (63 Okl.St.Ann. § 1-1918(B)(12)) “every resident shall be free from mental and physical abuse and neglect…”.  If your loved one is subject to abuse or neglect of any kind, the nursing home staff responsible for the acts may receive misdemeanor charges.  These also include up to 30 days in jail and a fine between $100-300.  However, if the nursing home abuse or neglect has led to your elderly family member sustaining injuries penalties increase.  For example, if the staff’s behavior was willful or reckless then punitive damages and recovery for injuries may be available.  Punitive damages can reach into the thousands and be useful for an abuse victim to better their living situation.

Contact an Oklahoma Nursing Home Abuse Attorney:

At our office, we understand that nursing home abuse is an ugly reality.  Don’t go through the process alone.  If you learn your loved one has suffered at the hands of nursing home staff, call us.  We will walk you through the legal process of protecting your family members while getting justice. Our Nursing home abuse attorneys in Tulsa have dealt with nursing home neglect in the past. We can help make sure that your loved one is compensated and that the nursing home is held responsible for their bad acts. Call 918.379.4096 for a free consultation. We care about you and we care about your case.