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  • Oklahoma medical misdiagnosis

    Oklahoma Medical Misdiagnosis Injury Attorneys

    Our Oklahoma Medical Misdiagnosis Injury Attorneys can help you if you’ve suffered serious injury or a wrongful death as a…

    by Sheona Kerr
  • Hand Injuries in Oklahoma Workers Compensation

    Tulsa Injury Lawyers Discuss Hand Injuries in Oklahoma Workers Compensation

    Hand Injuries in Oklahoma Workers Compensation are a more common work place occurrence than most people realize.  In fact, there…

    by Sheona Kerr
  • Oklahoma medical misdiagnosis

    Oklahoma Criminal Nursing Home Abuse

    In 2016, Forest Hills nursing home in Broken Arrow Oklahoma terminated an employee for allegations of sexual assault leading to…

    by Sheona Kerr
  • Tulsa Truck Accident Attorneys

    Oklahoma Bad Faith Insurance Explained by Tulsa Injury Attorney

    Oklahoma Bad Faith Insurance laws require that the insurance company deals with insured in good faith. Our many years of…

    by Sheona Kerr
  • Oklahoma Birth Injury

    Birth Injuries

    Our Oklahoma birth injury attorneys care about you and we care about your case. We are all aware of the…

    by Sheona Kerr
  • Oklahoma dog bite liablity

    Tulsa Injury Lawyers Discuss Oklahoma Dog Bite Liability

    Oklahoma Dog Bite Liability  law requires the dog owner to pay for injury his dog causes but there are certain…

    by Sheona Kerr
  • Tulsa Car Accident Attorney Explains Comparative Negligence in Oklahoma

    Comparative Negligence in Oklahoma helps Oklahoman’s injured in car and truck highway accidents.  According to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, nearly…

    by Sheona Kerr
  • slip and fall injuiries

    Tulsa Attorneys Discuss Oklahoma Nursing Home Abuse

    In 2012, Oklahoma nursing home abuse became a spotlight issue in the state..  The daughters of an elderly Oklahoma City woman put a…

    by Sheona Kerr
  • Car accidents at work - Midtown Tulsa Injury Attorneys

    Tulsa Attorneys Discuss Car Accidents at Work

    Oklahoma Car Accidents at Work involve more complex legal issues.  If you have a car accident at work you may be…

    by Sheona Kerr
  • Tulsa Bicycle Accident Injury Attorneys

    Bicycle accident injury attorneys are seeing an increase in bicycle injuries. As more and more Oklahoman’s turn to bicycle riding…

    by Sheona Kerr