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  • Prescription Medication Injuries

    Prescription Medication Injuries Described by a Tulsa Injury Attorney

    Prescription medication injuries occur in Oklahoma more often then many realize. The medical field is full of medication and prescriptions.  Thus,…

    by Sheona Kerr
  • Temporary Disability and Soft Tissue Injuries at Work

    Temporary Disability and Soft Tissue Injuries at Work are problematic under Oklahoma workers compensation law. Imagine this:  You are working…

    by Sheona Kerr
  • Oklahoma Workers Compensation Disability

    Injury Lawyers Discuss Oklahoma Workers Compensation Disability

    Oklahoma Workers Compensation Disability payments are fought tooth and nail by insurance companies. In 2001 the case of Gray v. Natkin…

    by Sheona Kerr
  • Tulsa Truck Accident Attorneys

    Oklahoma Bad Faith Insurance Explained by Tulsa Injury Attorney

    Oklahoma Bad Faith Insurance laws require that the insurance company deals with insured in good faith. Our many years of…

    by Sheona Kerr