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Tulsa Work Injury Lawyers Discuss Shoulder Injuries at Work

Tulsa Work Injury Lawyers Discuss Shoulder Injuries at Work
May 24, 2017 Sheona Kerr

shoulder injuries at workShoulder injuries at work are some of the most common injuries in the workplace.  A single doctor may see up to 270 patients each year for shoulder injuries and possible replacement surgeries.  This is generally due to the fact that shoulders are the most susceptible joint to repetitive use and injury.  If you suffer a shoulder injury at work, read on to learn more about your options.

Shoulder Injuries at Work:  The Anatomy

A person’s shoulder is the only joint on the body held in place by a moveable platform—the shoulder blade.  Four small muscles that stabilize the shoulder for daily movement.  These tendons and muscles are vulnerable to tendonitis because of their constant use.  Further, the joint itself may develop osteoarthritis or even fracture.

Often times the rotator cuff is the most injured part of the shoulder.  This is cartilage in the shoulder can tear and make it difficult to complete regular tasks at home and in the workplace.  Things such as reaching overhead, brushing one’s hair or teeth, and even sleep may prove difficult.  While steroid injections, anti-inflammatory medications, and movement modification may help, sometime surgery is required.

Worker’s Comp Rights for Shoulder Injuries at Work

As a worker in Oklahoma, you have rights to medical treatment if suffering injuries on-the-job.  However, you must first take a series of steps to claim your rights:

  1. Notify your supervisor, workplace, and union—if you have one.
  2. File an Accident Report. It is important to have things in writing.
  3. Request Medical Treatment for the injury.
  4. Contact your lawyer for a Form 3 filing.

Importance of Workers Compensation Legal Support

Legal representation is vital in the worker’s comp process.  This is because employers have the right to choose a medical provider for you.  These doctors are often on a list specifically for companies to use for worker’s comp purposes.  Because they essentially work for the company, the medical providers will diagnose the injury as minimally as possible.

Our attorneys understand the nuances of worker’s comp and company posturing.  As a result, we want to ensure you receive your medical treatment, your fullest point of recovery, any restitution, and continued medical maintenance.  Under the law, you have a right to all of these forms of relief.

Let us help you get the healing and rehabilitation you deserve.  Our first consultation is free.  Call now.