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Rear End Car Accidents in Oklahoma

Rear End Car Accidents in Oklahoma
September 7, 2016 Sheona Kerr

Rear end car accidents in Oklahoma are on the rise. As national statistics from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show rear end car accidents account for nearly a third of the vehicle accidents in the country. This is troubling given the potential severity that’s caused by this type Rear End Car Accidents - Tulsa Car Accident Attorneysof car accident. What makes this accident especially serious is that it happens when we’re most vulnerable to injury. While sitting in or vehicle concentrating on or daily lives we’re suddenly hit from behind. A rear end collision that happens like this can leave you with neck and other spinal injuries as well as broken bones and head injuries.

Reasons For Rear End Collisions in Oklahoma:

According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration there are certain patterns found nationally occurring in rear end car accidents. Some of those are found in the following

  • Males are involved in the majority of rear end accidents. This equates to males being 1.2 times more likely to be involved in a rear-end crash than females. The study goes on to show that although males are in more of the wrecks females are involved in more near miss rear end accidents.
  • Weather analysis results indicated that most rear-end events occur in clear weather conditions, as had been found in previous studies. This study is in fact not at all what one would expect. The results are in conflict with many other studies finding weather together with road condition to be a major factor.
  • If the driver that struck the other vehicle from the rear was using their cell phone, eating or in any other way distracted this was a major cause of the rear end collision

Tulsa Rear End Car Accidents Attorney Can Help You:

If you’ve been involved in a rear end accident in Oklahoma we can help. This type of accident involves serious injury and as such requires medical treatment. We can help you find a Doctor and get your car fixed. Once your medical care is finished we’ll see to it that you’re compensated for your medical bills, pain and suffering and what ever else is appropriate in your case.