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Oklahoma Bad Faith Insurance Explained by Tulsa Injury Attorney

Oklahoma Bad Faith Insurance Explained by Tulsa Injury Attorney
March 13, 2017 Sheona Kerr

Oklahoma bad faith insurance

Oklahoma Bad Faith Insurance laws require that the insurance company deals with insured in good faith. Our many years of experience working in personal injury provide insight into the bad faith insurance delays some insurance companies impose on suffering policy holders.  “Bad Faith” legally defines itself as “…neglect or refusal to fulfill some duty or some contractual obligation…[because of]…interested or sinister motives.”  Thus, if you are subject to unfair delay of payments from your insurance company you may be able to bring an Oklahoma bad faith insurance claim.

Oklahoma Bad Faith Insurance Examples:

Take for example the Christian v. American Home Assurance Company case from 1977.  Mr. Christian, an employee of a chemical company, was a policy holder of disability insurance.  He suffered injuries making him permanently unable to work.  Upon this event, Mr. Christian filed a claim to receive disability insurance benefits under his policy.  The insurance company refused his claim and outright did not pay on the policy until the courts required it.  Mr. Christian brought a suit for Oklahoma bad faith insurance against the company and its workers compensation insurance provider.

Proving Oklahoma bad faith insurance against an insurer for refusing or delaying payments requires you consider 36 Okla.St.Ann. §4405(A)(8).  This provides that payments must be made by the insurer to the insured for losses covered in the policy immediately upon receipt of written proof a valid injury exists.  Therefore, if you provide your insurance company with written proof of your injury, but receive a denial for payments, you may have a bad faith case against your insurer.

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Our injury attorneys have years of experience fighting cases against insurance companies acting in bad faith.  You pay for your policy and you deserve the rights that policy provides.  If your insurance company has unfairly delayed or refused to pay your valid claims, call us today.  Our first consultation is free or you can read our Tulsa injury attorneys blog for more information.