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Tulsa Injury Lawyers Discuss Hand Injuries in Oklahoma Workers Compensation

Tulsa Injury Lawyers Discuss Hand Injuries in Oklahoma Workers Compensation
September 14, 2017 Sheona Kerr
Hand Injuries in Oklahoma Workers Compensation

Hand Injuries in Oklahoma Workers Compensation are a more common work place occurrence than most people realize.  In fact, there are over 1 million each year.  The most common reason hand injuries come about it due to repetitive overuse.  This can be in an office setting with typing and using a mouse, or in manual labor jobs where a person uses their hands constantly (i.e. mechanics).  But you may simply injure your hand while bracing for a fall or protecting yourself from being hit by an object while at work.  However, more permanent hand injuries are a risk also.  You may have the misfortune to crush, slice, or lose part of your hand.  You have options if this happens to you.

Hand Anatomy and Hand Injuries

The hand has an intricate set of nerves, muscles, and bones to allow for its dexterity.  As a result, there are over 27 bones alone in the hand and wrists.  There are three nerves that account for hand sensory and movement abilities: The median, the ulnar, and the radial.  The median nerve is responsible for the pinching and fine motor skills functions that are most often affected by carpal tunnel.  The ulnar nerve is responsible for the grasping function of the hand.  So when it has damages, holding and picking up items becomes difficult.  The radial nerve stabilizes the hand in general.

As you can see, damaging the hand can be the cause of serious inability to take care of certain tasks.  It can make not only work nearly impossible, but also daily activities.  Holding an eating utensil, buttoning clothing, and writing are all important functions that hand injuries affect.

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Workers Compensation Laws

Oklahoma provides rights to workers who suffer on-the-job injuries.  These include claiming medical treatment and payment for that treatment, plus lost wages.  It is important that you do certain things in order to claim your Worker’s Compensation Rights though.

Step 1—For Hand Injuries in Oklahoma Workers Compensation you must first Notify your supervisor of the injury.  If you are part of a union, also notify your union representative.  Make documentation of this notice.  It is important to have proof.

Step 2—File an accident report regarding your hand injuries.  Keep a copy for yourself.

Step 3—Make a formal request for medical treatment and/or reimbursement.  If there is not a formal process at your workplace, then make the request in writing and keep a copy of the request.

Step 4—Contact your Tulsa Injury lawyer to begin your Form 3 filing.

Legal Support For Oklahoma Work Injuries

Having a good lawyer on your side is a game changer in worker’s comp cases.  Our attorneys have the skill and experience you need to properly file your Hand Injuries in Oklahoma Workers Compensation claims.  Don’t let your company railroad you into using a doctor that favors their bank account over your health.  Let us help you protect yourself and your health.  Work Place injury consultations are free 918.379.4096