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Tulsa Bicycle Accident Injury Attorneys

Tulsa Bicycle Accident Injury Attorneys
September 20, 2016 Sheona Kerr

Bicycle accident injury attorneys are seeing an increase in bicycle injuries. As more and more Oklahoman’s Bicycle accident injury attorneysturn to bicycle riding for fitness and transportation we seem to be pedaling ourselves to an increase in bicycle accident injuries. As a sport, its not uncommon to see groups of sleekly clad sportsman and women riding in groups. All decked out in helmets and other safety gear in an effort to safely get their workout in. In addition to sport more people are turning to bicycles to get to work or as basic transportation. With this increase in riding the number of bicycle accident injuries related to riding for sport continues to rise. accident cases has gone through the roof.

Bicycle Accidents in Oklahoma:

Our bicycle accident injury attorneys  explain that a bicycle accident can have catastrophic results. The potential injury can range from death to broken bones, brain injuries, spine and ligament injuries and more. The problem is the relative difference in size speed and protection between a bicyclist and a truck or car. In fact when accidents occur its not uncommon for the bicyclist to face life threatening injuries while the driver of the car suffers nothing more then scratched paint.

Who Has The Right of Way on The Road:

If like me you ride a bicycle for sport you’ll know just how aggressive motorists can get. The problem is that many drivers don’t understand that a bicycle rider has the rights and duties of any other vehicle on the road. The driver that yells out his window “Get out of my way” has no idea that between you and him the rules of the road apply to equally. This means that obeying traffic signs and regulations including yielding and staying to the right apply to us all.

Proving Negligence in Bicycle Accidents in Oklahoma:

Just like in any other personal injury claim failing to act with reasonable care is a basis for an injury claim. In the event that you’re in a bicycle injury accident stay on the scene and wait for medical care to arrive. Don’t leave the scene with the intent of treating later. If necessary allow the authoritative to transport you to the hospital for care.

If your able to leave the scene make sure that the Police have been called and they arrive at the scene. The Police report is important evidence in your case. Also, make sure you get all the information including insurance information from the driver of the car or truck.