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Aviation Accident Attorneys in Tulsa

Aviation Accident Attorneys in Tulsa
April 1, 2016 kania

 Aviation Accident Attorneys in Tulsa can help you with your injury claim. We live in a global economy in which air travel has become more and more commonplace.  People are flying for business, family obligations, or vacation much more frequently than in the past.  While traveling by air is statistically

safer than driving, the possibility exists that you or a loved one could be involved in an aviation accident.  Just last year, Perry Inhofe, son of US Aviation Injury Attorneys TulsaSenator Jim Inhofe from Oklahoma, died in a plane crash as he piloted the craft towards Tulsa International Airport. If such a misfortune occurs to you or a family member, the services of a reliable personal injury attorney who is experienced in handling aviation accident cases is indispensable to receiving adequate compensation for your losses.

Causes of Aviation Accidents:

There are many possible causes of air traffic accidents.  Some of these include pilot error; extreme weather such as ice and snow storms, wind shears, and thunderstorm; inadequate maintenance of engines, wiring, or computers; structural defects in the aircrafts themselves; and air traffic control mistakes.  Pilot error can spring from various causes. The Federal Aviation Adminstration heavily regulates licensing of pilots.  Depending on the type of license sought, training levels and requirements are tiered.  If an individual possesses a license for flying a type of aircraft different from the one he or she was flying during a crash, this is a strong basis for an aviation lawsuit.  Other possible sources of pilot error include a disregard for standard operating procedures and the failure to exercise due diligence in avoiding a dangerous weather condition.

Certain Dangers of Air Travel:

We all remember well what happened to United Airlines Flight 93 on 9/11, and how the rise of terrorism has affected air travel all over the world ever since. Political unrest has further heightened the level of danger for air travel, particularly on overseas international flights. Moreover, the conflict in the Ukraine caused the demise of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 on July 17 as it flew over the eastern part of that country.  International law controls commercial air traffic accidents, which allow standard compensation of $175,800 to victims regardless of the existence of fault on the part of the airline. Where fault is evident, victims can sue for more.  A skilled aviation attorney helps an injured party with all the diverse legal issues surrounding the various types of cases arising in our complex world.

Who’s To Blame For Oklahoma Airplane Crash Accidents:

The defendants in these types of cases can include the pilot or other airline employees who are responsible for safety; the airline, sightseeing firm, or airplane leasing company; the owner of the aircraft; the manufacturer of the plane or its parts;  and maintenance and repair companies or suppliers. Particularly in situations when a major airline owns the plane, the assistance of capable legal counsel is imperative. The major airlines all retain highly skilled attorneys well-versed in aviation laws.  Without a competent aviation accident attorney, it is unlikely that plaintiffs will  receive the compensation due them under the law.   A plaintiff needs the advice not only of a skilled attorney but also of aviation experts familiar with the industry. They will also can provide advice and opinions with regards to the various facts surrounding a particular case.

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If you or a loved one has been the unfortunate victim of an aviation accident our aviation injury attorney Tulsa can help. Whether the incident involved a helicopter, small plane, or a commercial airliner, the advice and assistance of  our Aviation injury attorneys Tulsa is important.  Our team of national airplane accident Attorneys is critical to recovering the maximum damages allowed under the law.  Please call today to schedule a consultation and begin the process of redressing the damage done to you.